CN - Still Looking deals with immigration and the asylum system.

NB - all videos contain elements of flashing images.

Still Looking photobook text:
In seeking asylum or stay in the UK, people are scrutinised while being held in limbo, their lives surveilled and forced into stasis, sometimes for years, as they wait for their fate to be decided.

Lunar House is a building belonging to the UK Border Agency (UKBA), based in Croydon, South London, and home to one of the UK’s six Asylum Screening Units. For those seeking stay in the UK, it is a known site of scrutiny and a centre of surveillance. People are required to attend to apply for asylum, to report weekly or fortnightly while they wait for a decision, and to undergo interrogations and frequently hostile dissections of their lives to prove their right to stay.

This book makes up one part of photographer Wasi Daniju’s Still Looking project, which literally looks back at this site of surveillance and state violence, engaging in a form of sousveillance [watching from below] to turn the scrutiny back on the scrutinisers.

Still Looking
is based on repeated hours-long visits to photograph the building.  A series of short films is also available online at

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