“You are amazed that they exist
and they burn so bright
whilst you can only wonder why”


Black Muslim women. We exist. Yet to witness the dearth of representation in media, and the narratives relating to each of these three groups, you would be forgiven for believing these three words belong together only in theory.

re:present is a series of portraits of black muslim women and girls living in Britain, acting both as present day representation, and future archive. It began as a proposal to the Everyday Muslim Symposium on black Muslim identity and heritage in Britain. It was first exhibited at the symposium in March 2017. It has since been on view at New Horizon's 2018 British Islam Conference as well as a 2-day private view.

A selection from the original series along with newer photos taken this year will feature as part of Manifesting The Unseen, a one month residency from November 2018 featuring the work of a group of female Muslim artists.

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