"Wasi Daniju’s photographic work has a beautiful aesthetic. Energy and stillness come together. She has a sharp eye and the technical excellence to capture the moment...you can trust Wasi’s work to be authentic - to be capturing something real and of significance."

- Hassan Mahamdallie - Playwright, writer


I have been taking pictures ever since I could hold a camera - luckily, they've gotten a lot better since then!  

Over the past ten years, I've built a vast portfolio, with a main focus on photojournalism, theatre, live performance, and portraiture.  I started out taking pictures of the people, places and performances that I love - I'm fortunate in being able to continue to do this still.

I have exhibited in the UK and abroad, been featured in various print and online publications, and am proud to have ongoing working relationships with various organisations and individuals.


I enjoy relaying stories from within - unobtrusively immersing myself to convey what I observe with all of the original emotion intact.

I bring a candid, reportage style to much of my work, allowing events to unfold undisturbed as I capture them.

I also enjoy the collaborative nature of working to achieve particular shots together, especially with portraits.  These shoots are often an ongoing conversation, from planning through to post processing.  My main aims are for you to feel comfortable, and to ensure you get exactly what you hope for, and just a little more.


I am currently on sabbatical and not taking on any new photography work until the end of September 2021.  I look forward to hearing from you for projects and photography work for after this time.


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