Zelda, before recording

Zelda Cheatle, sits forward on a red leather sofa, her chin resting on her interlocked fingers, her eyes to the ground.  Light strikes her face from the left of the image, while behind and to her right are somewhat darker. A bookcase is in the background.

It’s been a while. A varied, rollercoaster of a while.  I’ve had a loss recently that’s too big for me to yet get close to in words publicly.  I’ve also been blessed with a number of kindnesses and opportunities relating to my photography, that I’ll be sharing more on soon enough.

For now though, this unplanned photograph of the excellent and immensely generous Zelda Cheatle - curator, editor, consultant, lecture and expert in photography.  I made it when I visited her (for reasons soon to be shared) in an in between moment as I checked the lighting for a video we were making.  Despite it being impromptu and therefore unposed,  Zelda has very kindly agreed that I can share the image. 

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