So, it looks like I might be doing this?

I’ve not been on Instagram for a while now, but the changes being brought into effect and the discussions it’s brought up about how and where we share our work made me think about how and where to share my work.  Flickr, 500px, blogspot, twitter - I’m spread all over.  Maybe now’s the time for a little integration?  

Speaking of being all over the place, I just found an old Flickr account that I forgot I made two years ago!  So far it just has an album of pictures that I took when I attended the press day at the 2019 AKAA (Also Known as Africa) art and design fair in Paris.  The collection itself  is mainly pictures of some of my favourite bits of the fair, but I also took a few impromptu portraits of some artists and gallerists there.  Below are a few: Marie Gomis-Trezise - founder of Galerie Number 8, Dejeneba Aduayom, Mous Lamrabat, and Sakhile Cebekhulu.

Anyway, all of this thinking and I’m actually attempting to take a break from everything!  Watch this space, I guess.  But maybe not too intently - there may be a bit of a while between posts.

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