In the details

CN: loss, grief

while we wait is a series of images made in the weeks that my
mum was in hospital before she passed away.  At a time when my world
had shrunk to just the few hundred metres between our house and her ward,
and simultaneously felt impossibly overwhelming, taking pictures and
focusing on the details of my frequently repeated home/hospital/home
journey felt like some kind of way to anchor myself to reality.  Here
are a few details of those details.

2 green dots of light, one above the other; 2 unlit black dots are beside them, though faint, forming a 2 by 2 grid.
a wobbly reflection of a daylit window on a shiny floor.
a dusky blue sky, against which is the silhouette of a symmetrical shape (the top of an embellished stone gate) - it looks a little like a pawn in chess.
abstract - scuffed areas of white and yellow, in the top and bottom half of the image respectively, with a patch of blue on the white, as well as a tiny patch of yellow.
snippet from a handwritten note that just reads "I tried"

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A selection from while we wait will feature in my virtual exhibition Hours of a Moment, launching on 7th June.

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