Cyprus Hills

In 2014 I travelled to Cyprus, courtesy of a friend who was getting married there.  It was magical for so many reasons - a reunion with uni friends on an island that welcomed us with impossibly perfect levels of sunshine and delectable sea.  It was the first ‘proper’ holiday I’d had in an age, the first time of spending more than a few hours with friends I’d spent so much time with at university (and Cyprus was definitely a a step up from Hull as a setting, much as I hold dear to my Hull memories!).  

Before the joy and happy tears of the wedding and its celebrations, though, there was this drive to a monastery on winding roads through fir-covered hillsides, brought alive by that day’s rainfall, made more mesmerising by the mist.  Like the hyper-photographer that I am, I have hundreds of unedited photos from that trip.; here are a few favourites from that day that I just edited this evening.

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