1st Newsletter?!

In honour of my very first newsletter (!), here are a few images that didn’t quite make it into the exhibition, though it was hard to whittle them all down.

Victoria - You See Yourself?

Victoria sits on a bench wearing a black and white striped dress and a grey headwrap.  She has one arm crossed across her lap, and the elbow of the other on her thigh, the hand holding a dried plant stem to her face.  She looks lost in thought.

Untitled  from while we wait

Looking up at the vertical bars of a fence, and above them a blur of green leaves and a deep blue night sky beyond them.

A test image from when I was still developing the idea that became All The Women In Me are Tired

A close up image of my face; my eyes are closed, the right half of my faces is in shadow and the left is lit.  I'm wearing a headwrap with red flowers on, and don't appear to be asleep.

The image that began Where The Light Gets In

A rich brown rug on a light laminate floor, the rug's right edge almost bisects the image.  In the top right corner, the bottom of a mirror can be seen; it reflects sunlight from above onto the floor and rug.

The ‘bedroom studio’ where I made many of the first portraits for Home is Here & There

The corner of a bedroom - on the left, a window covered in iron bars, and a net curtain pulled to one side; on the right, a floral double mattress stands against the wall.  A standing fan is set in front of the mattress, it is not switched on.
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